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The jungle meets the city, with a breath of fresh air.

Opened in June of 2015, Taylor’s rooftop bar & lounge has already been critically acclaimed, as the venue that Sydney was desperately crying out for.

You could be forgiven for forgetting that you were in the grasp of the 9-5 grind, in the middle of the corporate stranglehold, just by walking up the stairs, and into the greenery of Taylors superb set up. But then you look up, to see the city skyline dancing above you. You feel safe however, because just a few more steps away, awaits the stunningly designed, contemporary bar, highlighted by the copper keg hanging from the roof – you’ve reached your destination.

An otherwise smart casual bar, the space is made remarkable by the stand out green wall which creates a mesmerising tableau of lush greenery that sits perfectly against the sun coming through the open roof, or the glowing lights of the night sky.

Catering for any occasion, Taylor’s creates an immense atmosphere that can’t be reciprocated anywhere else. Post work drinks, date nights, or star gazing city cocktails, coupled with live local and international music acts, make it the perfectly balanced venue that you will never want to leave. Relax, and enjoy the views of Sydney’s eye catching landmarks, with the familiar feeling of being in your own backyard, and with a cocktail menu to die for, no matter what your taste, you’ll find something from the classic Margarita to Taylor’s signature spiced and sour, to make time stop for a moment whilst you regather your thoughts.

Late at night, Taylor’s really starts to shine. Partnerships with local record labels, and access to the best talent, from Sydney and abroad, ensures all bases are covered entertainment wise.

Situated nicely atop the heritage listed Republic Hotel, Taylor’s rooftop bar on the corner of Pitt & Bridge street, brings together a piece of Sydney’s rich history, and a piece of modern day lifestyle, to create the perfect marriage, which has become so rare in this day and age.




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